Franchise Insurance South Africa

What is Franchise Insurance in South Africa?

The mechanism of harnessing group critical mass to purchase an unique insurance product, exclusive to a common group, brand or association is known as franchise insurance in South Africa. The bulking of large group numbers results in discounted risk premiums via a nominated risk carrier (insurer). The pooling of the groups premiums creates empirical group data which enables the risk carrier to determine the profitability of the group over a finite period of insurance

  • General Franchise Insurance Information

Chadwicks is proficient in designing professional customised insurance packages for any franchise, group or association. We connect this exclusively designed group risk product to a blue chip insurer of your choice.  We also partner with new ventures from the ground- up, so no matter how small your idea or concept is, we will manage your risk until you are in a position to franchise your creation.

  • Why Chadwicks for Franchise Insurance?

The value of Chadwicks to the group, aside from the development and maintenance of the insurance package, is our commitment to managing your total cost of risk. We accomplish this in the following ways: 

    • Prompt and professional service from a dedicated location
    • Guidance on group Risk Management 
    •  Advice on risks unique to your group and the appropriate insurance solution
    •  Group volume insurance premium discounts
    •   Personalised and seamless claims service
    •  Group risk profiling methodology
    •  A clear and absolute understanding of your business concept 
    •  Online access  to risk and insurance material 

Why not call us today and find out what Chadwicks Risk & Insurance brokers can do about your franchise insurance in South Africa or your business concept?




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Strict Product Liability on the cards


The new Consumer Protection Bill, which has now been enacted, will have far reaching consequences for South African business in that Section 68 imposes Strict Liability on producers, distributors or suppliers to supply or manufacture goods free of defect...  


Late Claim Notification may mean "No Claim"


The rule of thumb to avoid falling victim to a claim denied on the basis of Late Notification is to notify your insurer and /or broker of any event that may give rise to a claim, no matter how small or trivial the event may seem. Rather let your insurers take whatever action they deem fit – this is after all why you pay them insurance premiums