Business Insurance South Africa

Business Insurance Overview

Business Insurance is a complex transaction and, without doubt, requires the skill of a professional insurance broker. At Chadwicks, we have the experience and expertise to structure the best package for business insurance South Africa offers that will ensure your business is not exposed to unnecessary risk.

Knowing your Business Insurance Needs

We know that no two ventures are identical in risk exposure so we make it our business to understand your business - only then can we confidently approach the correct insurer for your risk. The following are some of the many ways in which we add real value to what you do best - your business:

  • Assistance with regard to Loss Control and Risk Management programmes
  • A tailor-made Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Annual Reviews, which include monitoring that your insurance spend is market related in terms of the entire spread of South African insurers
  • Ability to negotiate with insurers on your behalf in terms of difficult insurance claims - unfortunately it is a fact that direct insurers are direct in the negative when dealing with borderline insurance claims
  • A unique Risk Analysis for your business - every company is different and our Risk Analysis ensures that your insurer understands your risk in totality
  • Your unique Risk Analysis ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises at claim stage
  • Our service is on-going through out the year - visits will be as regular as you see fit (apart from your annual renewal of course)
  • Updates with regard to new legislation and its affects on your insurance contract
  • Our dedicated insurance claims staff act quickly and decisively when handling your losses
  • The entire insurance claim process from the appointment of the assessors to the claim settlement is managed in-house


The Ideal Insurance for Your Business

Allow Chadwicks Risk & Insurance the opportunity of providing your business with the correct solution to business insurance in South Africa at optimum premium levels.

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Strict Product Liability on the cards


The new Consumer Protection Bill, which has now been enacted, will have far reaching consequences for South African business in that Section 68 imposes Strict Liability on producers, distributors or suppliers to supply or manufacture goods free of defect...  


Late Claim Notification may mean "No Claim"


The rule of thumb to avoid falling victim to a claim denied on the basis of Late Notification is to notify your insurer and /or broker of any event that may give rise to a claim, no matter how small or trivial the event may seem. Rather let your insurers take whatever action they deem fit – this is after all why you pay them insurance premiums