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Title: Strict Product Liability on the cards
Date: 24 June 2009
Title: Late Claim Notification may mean "No Claim"
Date: 30 March 2009
Title: Personal Insurance : A Quick Checklist
Date: 28 February 2009
Title: Risk implications of the new Road Accident Fund
Date: 28 February 2009
Title: House Contents : Be warned, Underinsurance penalties can be severe
Date: 27 February 2009
Title: Don't worry, my insurance covers everything
Date: 7 August 2007
Title: Global Crisis Impacts Insurance Claims
Date: 1 August 2007
Title: Could you survive a disaster?
Date: 1 August 2007
Title: Card License Renewal and Motor Insurance
Date: 31 July 2007
Title: International Cargo Risk & Insurance Considerations
Date: 19 July 2007
Title: Alarms and your Insurance Policy
Date: 27 October 2005
Title: Freedom of Choice - Homeowners Insurance
Date: 25 October 2005

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Strict Product Liability on the cards


The new Consumer Protection Bill, which has now been enacted, will have far reaching consequences for South African business in that Section 68 imposes Strict Liability on producers, distributors or suppliers to supply or manufacture goods free of defect...  


Late Claim Notification may mean "No Claim"


The rule of thumb to avoid falling victim to a claim denied on the basis of Late Notification is to notify your insurer and /or broker of any event that may give rise to a claim, no matter how small or trivial the event may seem. Rather let your insurers take whatever action they deem fit – this is after all why you pay them insurance premiums