Business Interruption & Fire Insurance

Other Acts of God & Fire Insurance


  • Take all necessary steps to avoid further loss e.g. call the fire brigade, protect undamaged property etc
  • Contact Chadwicks immediately - we will ensure a Loss Adjuster is appointed without delay
  • Retain all salvage even if you think it may be worthless - the Loss Adjuster, who acts totally impartially, will decide what is the best method of disposing of the salvage
  • Assist  the Loss Adjuster in proofing your loss (the onus is on you to prove the extent of your financial loss in terms of the policy)


Business Interruption


  • The cover under this policy is subject to insurers admitting a claim under a Material Damage policy (e.g. Fire, Office Contents etc) which covers Fire, Storm etc (called Insured Perils in your Fire policy wording)
  • You would have contacted us if we insured your Material Damage policy and the same Loss Adjuster would then assist you with the reduction in Turnover loss. There are cases where you may have placed the Material Damage policy elsewhere and the Business Interruption with us - in this event Chadwicks needs to be informed immediately. We will then liaise with the other insurer in terms of the appointment of one Loss Adjuster in settlement of your loss
  • The Loss Adjuster will usually request information regarding your financials from your accountant or auditor in order to present a formulated claim to insurers 
  • The Loss Adjustor's main task is to ensure that your business is restored to the production level you enjoyed pre loss. To this end they often make interim payments to you as reduction in turnover losses can span over periods of six to thirty six months depending on your selected Indemnity Period


Contact Chadwicks Risk & Insurance brokers to find out more about making sure you're covered for business interruption and to safeguard your assets in South Africa with fire insurance.




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